For Fitness Sake

There are a lot of fit people in East Nashville these days.  Just go to the Margret Maddox YMCA and witness the volumes of people who are fit and strong.  Speaking of the YMCA, that is a great spot to start if you are new to East Nashville.  Most people are very friendly and they offer some very good classes.

While the YMCA remains on my monthly budget for membership, I love a good barre class and sadly the East Nashville Y has a very limited number of barre classes that are only during the work day.  Therefore, I have recently started using Classpass.  For a long stretch, I took classes at Southern Barre in Hendersonville. It is now not in my day to day line of driving like it was before but I sure miss this place and the people.

Southern Barre is one of the best barre studios in the state.  It is so great because the instructors are so well trained.  I know this because I ended up getting certified to teach Barre Basic in the Barre Amped method although I haven’t taught in a few months.  Barre basic through Barre Amped is very specific about spinal alignment and form as well as pelvic floor strength.

In addition to barre basic, Southern Barre offers Barre Amped Boot Camp and Fire, both of which offer a faster pace and more cardio.  They also offer Bounce, Bhuti Yoga, Piloxing and Tap N’ Pow(H)er.  The Tap N Pow(H)er class is by far my favorite because you incorporate mat pilates with some yoga and some barre while hearing empowering messages and learning to connect your mind more to your body.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 3.13.48 PMEach instructor is very down to Earth and willing to answer questions.  They offer childcare by a wonderful teacher and there is usually plenty of parking.  As an added bonus, Flossie the mannequin displays some of their really cute barre/yoga clothes!