Eats and Treats

I am a full-fledged southern girl.  I love fried chicken and vegetables that have been buttered, sugared and salted.  A couple of weeks ago, my then finance now husband, Jason wanted to try sushi.  I had been to Two Ten Jack before for a glass of wine but I am not a sushi eater and thus had no basis for why it would be a good place other than I loved the atmosphere.  It’s interior is like a well-worn leather jacket.  It’s very casual but very sleek.

Upon arriving, we were given a fifteen minute wait, which wasn’t bad considering we wanted to sit outside and it was about 8:00 on a Saturday night.  We headed to the bar and I ordered the No. 2 cocktail.  It was a divine mix of tequila, pomegranate juice, jalapeño agave and lime.  Jason chose And the Sun Also Rises.  He definitely into bourbon  and this drink did not disappoint with its Four Roses Bourbon and it’s grapefruit infusion taste.

We finished our drink and headed back to the hostess who was ready to seat us.  Once outside, our waiter promptly greeted us and gave us a well-educated, condensed description of the items on the menu.  We ordered Crispy Brussels, Avocado Yakitori, Hotate Yakitori, Gojira Roll, some sort of fried catfish Roll, and dumplings that were filled with beef.  I tried all of it.  I can honestly say that it was the best sea food I have ever tried, and that is saying a lot since I do NOT eat seafood.  Ever.  But, I wanted to be a sport and I am glad I tried it because otherwise, I would have never known.  I don’t plan on adding sushi regularly to my diet but, it was good for a night.

Jason, on the other hand, loved, absolutely loved, the food!  He went on about it for a couple of days and made a very complimentary post on Facebook stating how “yummy” their food is.

Two Ten Jack was a fabulous location for a date night where the ambiance and food rivaled one another for top reasons to go back.  The cocktails are a very close second and the bar scene is, in every way, alive.  This is a destination that is sure to become a Stephens go to.

Expense – moderately pricey

Excellent service

Excellent bar

Overall rating **** out of **** stars