OSHO Collective is my happy place.  Think of a retreat that leaves you relaxed with amazing hair.  My friends, Tony and Gaby opened OSHO Collective almost two years ago.  I have followed Tony from a few different salons and I can honestly say, this brain child of his and Gaby’s reflects their vision and who they really are.


When you enter into this tucked away haven, you are greeted by a down to earth, yet beautiful team of product specialists, schedulers, and assistant stylists.  They offer you coffee, tea, or water and peacefully guide you to where you will sit for your short wait until your appointment begins.  The atmosphere is open, airy, bright, yet soothing, with earthy elements mixed with industrial designs.  IMG_3239

Your stylist will literally spend several minutes interviewing you about your own personal style, including your life style and struggles that you may have with your color or cut.  Once you have agreed upon a strategy, the stylist at OSHO will more than likely begin more conservatively and work into edgy if that is what you so choose.  Each stylist that I have encountered has been extremely thorough in understanding my wants, needs, expectations and limitations.  They are very concerned with the client leaving happy, with healthier hair, and building the proper relationship.  Tony and Gaby are also wonderful at matching clients with stylists.  They may help you find the right stylist if you are unsure about trying someone without knowing anything about their work.

At a place like this, you have to enjoy the moment you are in.  Sometimes I am at OSHO for a while.  I understand this and make time for it. They are extremely good at what they do.  It is a place that promotes thoughtfulness and there are even outside lounging areas to sit while you are processing.  Connect with nature and with Instagram.  Additionally, Gaby and her team on the other side of the salon offer different services.  If you are feeling tense or just want an extra way to relax they offer full body soaks and feet soaks.  They also offer massages, facials, hair removal, and my favorite, guided sessions.

Guided sessions are experiences best left unexplained.  I can imagine that each person has a different description and that description probably varies from session to session.  What I will say about the guided sessions is that they are worth every penny and each time I leave more enlightened and empowered.  If you choose this service, be prepared to, as Tony says, “drink lots of water.”  Also, plan to come open to the experience and willing to believe in the process.  It is life changing and as I write this, I realize I must schedule a session with Gaby!

In essence, this is a whole body experience.  From the amazing scalp massages each person who has shampooed my hair has delivered, to the amazing knowledge and technique the stylists possess, to the options to connect with your mind and spirit and feel accepted in a clean, unpretentious, hip environment, you will fall in love with OSHO and all who reside there.

Find out more and schedule an appointment by clicking this link:

OSHO Collective


Fall Back Fashion

IMG_3234    Tim Evans, Chanel Cosmetics at Nordstrom Green Hills Mall

Few things make me happier than a freebie.  Last Saturday, as I wandered into Nordstrom in Green Hills Mall, I stumbled upon a great offer for super lashes!  It is even better that I had not intended to go to Nordstrom or Green Hills Mall that day.  But, as my lack of detailed planning would have it, my hair appointment at  OSHO Collective www.oshocollective.com was not until 12:00.  I had it in my phone at 10:00.  Instead of drowning my embarrassment at my administrative pitfalls in a $10 latte, I signed up for a barre class.  Parking at this particular barre studio, Nordstrom looms and beckons to all the parkers of that strip center.  Recognizing that I have forty-five minutes before class begins, and that I am in desperate need of mascara that isn’t so old it is about to give me a serious eye infection, I decided to do a quick run to my favorite department store.   At this point, I am feeling like a scheduling, multitasking, genius!

Some of you may scoff at shopping at Nordstrom, or evening crossing the River Cumberland just to get to such an establishment that might be perceived as haughty or pretentious.  It can be.  But, then again, I have had one employee at a local salon/vintage clothing store treat me in a very condescending way, that only a twenty something that finds working in that environment very empowering can make someone else feel.  Let’s be real, though, I grocery shop at Aldi over Trader Joe.  I like to save money.  I also like high quality.  That is why I shop at Nordstrom.

Last Saturday, when I walked into Nordstrom Shoe Department from the street entrance, feeling full of promise and new-found grit, I realized that even at forty percent off I do not need another pair of shoes.  Now, if you need shoes, go to Nordstrom or Nordstrom online or Nordstrom Rack.  Seek out the sales, People!  Seek and, yes ma’am or sir, you will find.  Try to schedule your shoe needs around their sales.  Also, sign up for the rewards debit card!  Membership with this card really does have some great perks.  For example, you get reward points for every dollar you spend when using the Nordstrom Debit Card and when you hit a certain number, you get a Nordstrom Note, which is a real, actual gift certificate that you can use  at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack!  Additionally, you get free alterations, and early access to their anniversary sales.  The prices are comparable if not better than the competition.  Check out this comparison.


The same shoe found on Amazon, and, let me be clear, I do love me some Amazon, is significantly more than at Nordstrom during this sale.  Additionally, the size selection is much better. These red booties are perfect for fall and winter!  They are just the right shade to go with grey, army/olive greens, khaki, navy, black and denim.  This sale ends November 12!

Forsaking my shoe addition, I advanced to where I saw my friend Tim at the Chanel make up counter smiling and assisting customers.  When Tim saw me, he asks me if I knew from my sister that there was a buy two get one free mascara event.  Um, no.  I had not heard this exciting news from my sister and that made me want to say unkind things to my sweet sibling.  The news of the fact that I needed mascara, coupled with a Nordstrom Note to spend, and that it was a buy two get one free day, curbed my anger enough for me to hold my tongue for a future date.  Ya’ll, this was not just buy two Chanel mascaras and get one free, it was mix and match any brand mascaras!  Seriously, that gets me very excited.

Bottom line, Tim and the whole Chanel make up team at Nordstrom will take excellent care of you.  You will leave with less money, but let’s face it, there are some things in life that you get what you pay for.  In my world, that means pay more for shoes, because they will last longer, and they will treat your feet better for the most part.  It also means buy better make up.  I have tried all price points.  You could get close with some less expensive brands, but I find I feel better when I have make up that really enhances my skin rather than just covering flaws.  Also, sometimes this crew will throw in some samples that last a really long time.  I am over the moon about the samples of eye cream that have lasted two months!

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.33.12 PM

In conclusion, when you are down and out about being on time for an appointment when you are really two hours early, take yourself to Nordstrom and enjoy the experience.  There are so many ways to save and yet come home with exceptional values.   Check out Nordstrom Nashville and Tim Evans on  Instagram!

@nashvillenordstrom and  @cosmopolitim

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*Note: I am not employed, nor do I receive kickbacks of any kind, by or from Nordstrom for this post