Meridith Stephens

author of eastnashvillevibe.wordpress.com

I have to give a major shout out to a dear friend who helped me learn where to go to blog.  Mary Laura Philpott, you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your time and encouragement.  Follow this amazing author and blogger at https://marylauraphilpott.com.  Read “Penguins With People Problems” for some great laughs and insight.



  • Wife to an amazingly wonderful man named Jason who is also a Nashville native  from the West Side.
  • Mother of three and stepmother of two – ages 16, 15, 15, 9, and 8.
  • Mother of four furry children – Lady, a Golden Retriever, Flash, a Blue Tick Hound, Abrakadabra, an orange Tabby cat, and Shadow (a.k.a. – Slim Shady), a black kitty
  • In addition to blogging, I teach eighth grade history.
  • I have also worked in counseling, as an adjunct instructor, and in the fashion industry.
  • My music interests range from Judah and the Lion to Ed Sheeran and, of course, Johnny Cash.
  • In my spare time, if I am not shopping, I am taking out as much energy as possible at barre, bounce, or some time of fitness class.
  • I am a travel addict.  My favorite countries are Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, and Germany.  I have been to several others that I will also discuss along the way.


On the site, I hope you will find useful reviews and information about all things East Nashville from a native Nashville.  This is also a place where you may find travel reviews and suggestions for other cities, states, or countries.


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