Spin This Vibe!

Classpass is my go to most of the time to find fitness classes that fit my mood and my schedule.  However, I do not usually choose spin classes since I haven’t always loved them in the past.  Somehow, I stumbled upon the name Verticity and it has haunted me since.  This past weekend, I took action and decided to face my fears of being in a room full of twenty-somethings, who are in incredibly awesome shape, and signed up for the free introductory class.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.26.19 PM

Photo credit: https://www.acrestate.com/blog/new-east-nashville-fitness-spots-that-can-help-you-burn-off-holiday-bloat/

There were many twenty-somethings who were beautiful, handsome, and in phenomenal shape.  There were also a few people older than me and others who were in good shape but were there to work on their bodies and minds.  Essentially, there was an eclectic mix of participants.

I parked in the back of the building in a spot for merchant parking.  It was a quick walk through the breezeway to get to the reception area.  When you walk in, the vibe is welcoming and energetic.  It is a feeling that carries through the whole experience.  I am greeted by a pleasant receptionist and told where the locker rooms and water stations are.  The facilities on the first floor are that on-trend, urban retreat look.  It felt zenly energetic and sleek.

Upon checking in, and checking out my spiked shoes for the class, I was directed to go upstairs to the studio.  At the top of the stairs and to the right is a waiting area with cubbies and a bench.  I changed out of my athletic shoes and into the cycle shoes with spikes and proceeded to hobble into the studio on said spikes.  I quickly found my numbered bike that I choose when I registered for the class.  It was, of course, as close to the back row as I could reserve.  Side note: reserve early, like several days early, as classes fill up quickly!

Squeezing in between the bike next to mine, I quickly adjusted my bike while trying to hear what the instructor is saying to the new couple behind me.  Since I could not hear what she was saying and because my feet kept slipping off the pedals, I turned around and asked that same couple about straps for the pedals.  They were very friendly and relayed that the spikes will clamp into the pedals with a little pressure.  Sure enough, once I had the balls of my shoes in the right spot and added the right pressure, the shoes clicked into the death grip of the pedal.

I began to pedal slowly as I checked out my surroundings.  The studio was dark and people were chatting to one another.  The studio is quite small, but I quickly realize that I would not feel claustrophobic since we had plenty of room to get on and off the bikes.  I noticed that there were small hand weights in one of the water bottle holders near the handles. “Can I keep those on my bike until it is time to use them,” I wondered? Once the music started and the instructor climbed on her bike, you could feel the pulse of the room accelerate.  L. B. led my class with some insanely great music and quite a few empowering blurbs, with a few explicatives scattered into the encouragement in just the right amounts.

As we rode to the music, L. B. instructed us to lean right and left on the beat.  Then she added in the push-up pulse into the routine.  At one point we touched the corner of our seats working out the area that can make or break a pair of mom jeans.  These routines were not hard to follow but they looked so cool as we all remarkably stayed on beat and in unison.  It was a sea of sweaty, hard riding souls moving to some heart thumping music.  When you look in the mirror and see yourself riding in this wave, you will realize, just like I did, that we looked like the video linked on the studio’s homepage!  Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 2.19.12 PM

Photo credit http://nashvilleguru.com/businesses/verticity

The first half of class flew by and before I knew it, we were on to weights.  My earlier question was answered when L. B. asked if anyone lost one of their hand weights during the ride.  Yep, this girl did and didn’t even know it!  The nice man next to me retrieved my wayward weight before I could even process that it was on the floor.  The next several minutes were spent focusing on arms.  If you have never taken a barre class or a class that uses small or isometric movements, you might scoff at tiny hand weights.  Those bad boys can burn if you know how to connect your mind to the muscle you are working, especially when you couple that ability with multiple reps!

The class ended with some all-out sprints, a much-needed rest ride, and some necessary stretching.  When the class was over, I inhaled all the love and empowerment from the other participants, plus the awesome smell of sweat from my own body.  I felt so energized and accomplished!  After making a quick pit stop in the restroom/locker room and finding some very cool showers and amenities, I left the building ready excited to return, as soon as I can find a vacant bike in the near future!

For information, to view the very cool video, or to sign up for a class check out verticitynashville.com!







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