Friday night after Thanksgiving, Jason and I took his boys out for dinner. I had been meaning to try Nobles in East Nashville for a few months. One reason is I knew they had soft pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip! So, we loaded the boys in the car and headed to 974 Main Street.

We walked in to find immediate seating downstairs in front of an enormous TV screen that was above a platform. Presumably that platform is for the live music 5-8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday nights. Since it was the day after Thanksgiving, the music was most likely later for the evening. Immediately after sitting down, we were greeted by our friendly and knowledgable waiter. He gave us suggestions while we happily noted the drink specials.

We ordered the Pretzel Baguette with the dipping sauces, once of which was the Beer Cheese. All I can say is, if you have more than three people, you probably need two orders. Once you try the soft dough, that tastes more like the pretzels I experienced in Munich than anyplace else in Nashville, and you sample the explosion of flavors in the Beer Cheese dip, you will quite likely indulge in more than just a bite or two.

Left with dips and no pretzel, our sweet waiter agreed that we should keep the dips for fries and tots that were to arrive soon with our meal.  Just like the appetizer, our main dishes did not disappoint.  I had the Not So Classic Chicken Caesar Con Carne Salad.  It was served warm and it was exactly what I wanted, but didn’t expect from a beer hall!  The lettuce was crisp but heated just enough that the chicken, dressing, and toppings all fused together in a wonderfully light, yet remarkably filling way.  Jason had the Pulled Pork Hoagie.  Jason’s older son had the Beef Tenderloin Sliders and his younger son had the Kid’s Cheese Burger.  The only leftover was half of the Kid’s Burger and that’s because this child got really excited about the Pretzel Baguette!

The four of us left Nobles very happy with our food and our experience.  Jason and I look forward to some of their adult happy hours that take place upstairs, when we are without those belonging to us who are under age.  We also appreciate a great beer hall that allows the younger members of the family until 10 p.m.  This is a place that really works for everyone and it is centrally located for a variety of destinations before or after you eat.  In fact, I plan to Christmas shop at the cool places on Fatherland and then head to Nobles to unwind from the holiday rush!


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