East Nashville Vibe

Welcome to all things East Nashville, or as I like to call this blog, East Nashville Vibe.  This is a forum for anyone who wants to know about living or visiting East Nashville.  As a Nashville native who grew up in East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood, I have an insider view of what is uniquely East Nashville.  Also, having lived in the Northeast as well as Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee, I have a frame of reference for comparison.

East Nashville is the current “it place” to move.  According to http://www.nashvillesmls.com/blog/what-you-need-to-know-about-living-in-east-nashville.html, East Nashville’s ascent has been on the rise for a while.  Those who saw the value in living so close to downtown, even when the area was risky, chose to invest here and slowly we looked for ways to bring great food and great music to our hood.  In the mid 1980’s through the early 2000’s, families who wanted houses with character and larger lots while still being a few miles from downtown sacrificed grocery shopping, clothes shopping and fine dining to live here.  As a child, we rarely went to the Inglewood Kroger.  At that time, the Madison Kroger was safer.  Forget going to get your hair done or finding a great restaurant!

My theory is that Nashville began to draw college students in larger numbers to Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb at the same time the healthcare industry really sprouted and expanded.  In addition to drawing healthcare executives, we landed an NFL team, Nissan headquarters relocated here, and we got the fabulous Nashville Predators.  Those additions add to the economy and job market in exponential numbers of job openings as well as the number of cars on the road.

Those coming from other states, especially California, Wisconsin, Illinois and the New England states, saw the value of the cute brick homes with manicured yards in East Nashville.  They also realized that as traffic became heavier with each passing year, living in such a central location is worth a few drawbacks.

Regardless of why it has become a popular place to live or visit, I am thrilled to be a resident and owner of the house I grew up in that sits in a sleepy neighborhood with amazing people I am fortunate enough to call neighbors.  There is diversity on every level, yet we all share a love for our neighborhood and the East Nashville community.

I hope that you will find this blog very helpful for finding fun and interesting places to visit.  There are reviews for many types of businesses and even schools.  Enjoy East Nashville and share the love for this great area!

Best Wishes,

Meridith M. D. Stephens











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